Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all carrier networks are experiencing abnormally high usage and enrollments for new plans. We’ve been notified that for the next several months we may experience a delay up to 72 hours on RURAL activations for new subscriptions. We will however make sure that first in first out is adhered to. Please be patient as we all work through this trying time together.

We’ve also notified all of our ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION customers that their subscription price will be raised $10 per month beginning 10/01/2020. Please be advised if a customer cancels their subscription and decides to come back to gotW3 after 10/01/2020 their old plan rates will no longer be available. All NET NEW SUBSCRIPTION prices after 10/01/2020 will be $30 more than the current retail subscription price. We sincerely regret these price increases but all Carriers have raised the cost of plans and we have simply passed the COST ONLY to the customer without any markup. Thank you and stay safe out there.

SIMCard Update

Check your SIMCard below to see if your SIMCard has to be updated by 10/25/2020. If you’re not eligible for an update that means that you already have been updated and/or no longer have an active subscription with gotW3 by RevGen Networks, LLC. If you are eligible for an update then use the new SIMCard mailed by USPS First Class and complete the process below.
Note: If you are eligible for an update and don’t perform the actions above your service will be disconnected by the Carrier on 10/25/2020. This is a mandatory update. Thank you and stay safe.
You are eligible for this SIMCard Update. Please enter your new SIMCard Number and click SUBMIT to Activate.